Dream Witch Unleash Your Inner Sorceress and Manifest Your Dreams

Dream Witch Unleash Your Inner Sorceress and Manifest Your Dreams

Have you ever dreamt of harnessing the mystical powers within you? Don’t let the challenges of life hold you back any longer. With Dream Witch, you can eliminate the barriers and unleash your inner sorceress to manifest your wildest dreams.

In this enchanting guide, we will delve into the unknown sources of your power and show you how to tap into them. Points of power will be unlocked, and you will learn how to use them to your advantage. No more being shocked by setbacks – it’s time for your dreams to take center stage.

The best part? Dream Witch rewards you for your commitment. As you diligently follow the path laid out in this guide, you will unlock rewards and strike down any obstacles that come your way. Whether you’re an early sorcery novice or an advanced magical practitioner, Dream Witch has something for everyone.

But Dream Witch isn’t just about personal growth and transformation. It’s also about the impact you can have on the world around you. As you delve deeper into the mystical arts, you’ll learn how to use your powers to benefit your family, friends, and even larger communities. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

So, are you ready to embark on this magical journey? Join Dream Witch and let Eloise Thompson, your expert guide, lead the way. Open the gates to a world of endless possibilities and become the sorceress you were meant to be. Don’t miss out – start your transformation today!

Monster Hunting With Dream Witch

When it comes to monster hunting, the skills and abilities of the Dream Witch are always put to good use. Her unique set of skills allows her to efficiently eliminate enemies and find those elusive monsters that seem to elude others.

One of the most effective skills that the Dream Witch possesses is her ability to teleport. This allows her to quickly move around the battlefield and deal with multiple enemies at once. By using this skill, she can easily eliminate large groups of monsters without taking too much damage herself.

Another important skill to master as a Dream Witch is the use of her parasite blast. This skill allows her to leech onto an enemy and drain their energy, making it easier to defeat them. The parasite blast can also be used as a defensive maneuver, as it can be used to drain energy from a powerful enemy and use it to heal herself or her allies.

While the Dream Witch’s skills are a great asset in battle, they do come with some limitations. The teleport skill, for example, has a limited range and requires her to be in close proximity to the enemy in order to use it. Additionally, the parasite blast has a cooldown period, so it cannot be used continuously.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Dream Witch’s abilities, it is important to equip her with the right costumes and accessories. Costumes that boost her attack power or increase her energy regeneration are highly recommended. Additionally, accessories that increase her skill points or enhance her teleport ability can also be beneficial.

When it comes to monster hunting, the Dream Witch is a force to be reckoned with. Her unique set of skills and abilities make her an invaluable asset on the battlefield. Whether you are searching for monsters to eliminate or need assistance in a tough battle, the Dream Witch will always come through. So don’t hesitate to unleash your inner sorceress and manifest your dreams with the Dream Witch.


1. Introduction: Unleashing Your Inner Sorceress

2. The Enchanting Track of Dream Witch

3. Manifesting Your Dreams: A Step-by-Step Guide

4. Exploring the Witch’s Lair: Uncovering Her Secrets

5. The Dragon Gate: A Portal to Otherworldly Realms

6. Harnessing the Power of Ciphers and Codes

7. The Diary of Eloise Thompson: Insights from a Legendary Dream Witch

8. Rare and Unique Artifacts: Exploring the Witch’s Collection

9. Mastering Physical Skills: Enhancing Your Sorcery

10. The History and Origin of Dream Witch

11. Dream Witch in Battle: Strategies and Techniques

12. Conclusion: Embracing Your Inner Dream Witch


The Dream Witch possesses advanced skills that allow her to manipulate the minds of survivors and control the battlefield. With her unique set of abilities, she can be a formidable opponent that can turn the tide of any battle.

Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy

  • Said to be able to shock survivors until they can’t move, this ability is the Dream Witch’s primary attack. By shocking a survivor, she can slow them down and make it easier to catch them.
  • Using a dummy, she can further confuse survivors and make it difficult for them to decipher her true location.


  • The Dream Witch can teleport to any of her controlled followers, allowing her to quickly move around the map and surprise survivors.
  • This ability can also be used to teleport to a different cipher machine, helping her in the decoding process.


  • Through possession, the Dream Witch can take control of her followers’ actions, directing them to aid her in the pursuit of survivors.
  • She can also possess survivors and use their abilities against them.

Parasite Mark

  • The Dream Witch can place a mark on a survivor, making them vulnerable to her attacks and boosting her own abilities.
  • By removing the mark, survivors can free themselves from her control.

Summoning Snakes

  • One of the Dream Witch’s most powerful abilities, she can summon a swarm of snakes to attack survivors, dealing great damage.
  • These snakes can also be used to blast through obstacles and strike multiple survivors at once.

With these unique abilities, the Dream Witch is a force to be reckoned with. Whether she’s opening up new pathways, shocking survivors, or possessing their minds, she can turn the tide of the game and help her team achieve victory.

Dream Witch Eloise

Dream Witch Eloise is a powerful sorceress with extraordinary abilities. When she passed the test of the dream realm, she obtained the title of Dream Witch. Making her great dream a reality, Eloise went on a journey to manifest her dreams.

If you’re a fan of the Dream Witch, you’re in luck because Eloise has a large range of abilities that make her a formidable opponent. She can summon and control a group of ranged dummy pieces that blast enemies with a shock blast. These abilities are not limited by any restrictions, so you can use them freely to your advantage.

What sets Eloise apart from other witches is her unique background story. She comes from a family of powerful witches, and her mother was a renowned witch professor. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Eloise became a proficient witch herself.

In battle, Eloise is a force to be reckoned with. She can switch between different witches, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. This allows her to confuse and surprise her enemies, making her a highly unpredictable opponent.

In addition to her powerful abilities, Eloise also has a wide range of costumes that she can wear. Each costume has its own special powers and boosts, making her an even better and more viable option in battles.

If you want to obtain Eloise, you can do so through the game’s custom ordering system. You can earn free ciphers and medals by completing certain tasks and defeating enemy witches. Once you have enough ciphers and medals, you can use them to unlock Eloise and add her to your witch arsenal.

Overall, Dream Witch Eloise is a formidable sorceress with incredible powers and abilities. If you’re looking for a witch who can deal with any situation and overcome any obstacle, Eloise is your best bet.

So why wait? Join Eloise on her quest to manifest her dreams and unleash your inner sorceress!


The Dream Witch is a mysterious and powerful sorceress who possesses the ability to manifest dreams into reality. She has spent years honing her skills and developing her powers to become a formidable force in the world of magic.

Everything about the Dream Witch is shrouded in mystery, from her origins to her true motivations. Some say she was born with her magical abilities, while others believe she acquired them through years of intense study and practice.

Rather than using her powers for personal gain, the Dream Witch chooses to help others harness the power of their own dreams. She believes that everyone has the ability to manifest their desires and should have access to the tools and services necessary to do so.

The Dream Witch’s administration of her services is meticulous. She carefully assesses each individual’s desires and goals to create custom rituals and spells tailored to their specific needs.

For the Dream Witch, the journey to manifesting dreams is not just about the end result, but also about the process itself. She encourages her clients to take an active role in their own manifestation journeys and to think critically about the changes they want to see in their lives.

While the Dream Witch is known for her ability to manifest dreams, she is not without her enemies. Some individuals and organizations view her practices as dangerous or unethical and have sought to impose sanctions against her.

Despite the challenges she faces, the Dream Witch remains dedicated to her mission of helping others. She firmly believes in the power of free will and an individual’s ability to choose their own destiny.

With a focus on spiritual growth and self-empowerment, the Dream Witch guides her clients in harnessing their inner strength and unleashing their full potential.

Her background as a professor of magic gives her a unique perspective on the world of sorcery and allows her to provide advanced teachings to those who seek to enhance their magical abilities.

While her origins and true motivations may remain unknown, one thing is for certain – the Dream Witch is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of magic.

Whether you are seeking to manifest your dreams, boost your spiritual growth, or track down an enemy, the Dream Witch offers a range of services that can help you achieve your goals.

Her abilities vary from controlling the elements to calling upon rare animals to aid in battle. She can even summon a spectral army to fight by her side.

While her powers may seem scary and unknown to some, the Dream Witch assures her clients that they are only limited by their own beliefs and willingness to explore new possibilities.

In order to ensure the viability and safety of her services, the Dream Witch adheres to a strict code of ethics and follows the guidelines set forth by the magical community.

She is aware of the potential dangers of her powers and works diligently to make sure that everything she does is in accordance with the laws and regulations of the magical world.

With each client she works with, the Dream Witch emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility and self-reflection. She encourages individuals to take the necessary steps to manifest their dreams, while also being mindful of the potential consequences.

While the Dream Witch’s path may not be the easiest, it is certainly one that is filled with adventure and self-discovery.

So if you find yourself in need of a boost in your magical journey or are simply looking for guidance on how to achieve your dreams, look no further than the Dream Witch.

Dream Witch and the Colosseum

Dream Witch and the Colosseum

When it comes to facing challenges, Dream Witch has seen it all. She has said that she has taken on everything, from snakes and leeches to battles with her family. In the case of the Colosseum, Dream Witch had to use her actual abilities to switch between different ciphers and battle the most terrifying creatures.

One of the most dangerous opponents in the Colosseum is Eloise. With her physical skills and processing tailoring, she is able to create large dummy legs to track down her enemies. Even though she has never been able to obtain an overview of the whole Colosseum, she follows the tips left by the previous Dream Witches

The Colosseum is a scary place, with lakeside battles and great size. It is a place where witches, who possess the abilities of Dream Witch, are able to show off their skills and obtain valuable rewards.

Tomie, the Witch Administration Minister, is in charge of the Colosseum and its investigation. She wants to switch the Colosseum to a more fun place, where witches can cosplay and have a good time. Tomie said that she will investigate alternatives to the battle format and explore the possibilities of creating new challenges.

Yidhras, the Parasite Witch, is one of the sources of the shock that the Colosseum possess. Dream Witch has an idea of what Yidhras is capable of and is able to use her own shock abilities against her. It is a battle of wits and power between these two powerful witches.

With Dream Witch’s abilities and the challenges of the Colosseum, witches are able to push themselves to their limits and discover new sources of power. It is a place where witches can truly unleash their inner sorceress and manifest their dreams.


Inactive: The Dream Witch’s Sent skill coming in four pieces.

Troops: They are leeched to the Thompson.

Longer They’re Inactive: The same generals generally seem to be the same parasites.

Passed the Strike: They can move around in case of free removed investigation.

Dragon: The Dream Witch’s Dragon Strike is better than anything else.

Advanced: The Dream Witch has the ability to choose a custom teleport location.

Witch’s teleport: She can teleport in a large range and do it very quickly.

Applies to Their Host: The Dream Witch’s service applies to all of their materials-economic demands.

The Volcker Family: Eloise is not a member of the Volckers unless she makes a deal with them.

Survivors: The Dream Witch’s cavalry skills are very similar to those of the survivors.

Boost Abilities: The Dream Witch can boost her abilities with the help of her Cosplay.

Alternative Opening: The Dream Witch can also use other openings for her Custom Advanced Teleport.

Lakeside: The Dream Witch can track her targets even with the opening of the lakeside.

Limited Size: Mark cannot choose a location that is too limited in size.

With Themselves: They have different abilities that they can find with themselves.

Similar to Animals: The Dream Witch’s abilities are similar to the track and opening of the animals.

Especially for Lords: The Dream Witch’s Custom Advanced Teleport is especially useful for Lords.

Note: Please remember that the information provided here is for reference only and may have been changed or updated in the game.

Dream Readers